The resealable can


The aluminum can offers advantages over plastic, glass and mixed-material containers. It preserves the beverage the longest, is the most efficient use of space, the lightest-weight option and the most recycled packaging type, worldwide.

We are working to improve the ubiquitous beverage can by completely redesigning its closure system. We have identified and refined an ingenious mechanism that not only allows for repeated sealing but also offers the largest available opening and is incredibly easy to use.

Our goal is to bring our solution to the market to improve the usage experience of cans and increase the occasions for their use. With our partner brands, we will offer an innovative and desirable new experience for consumers.

Easy solution

Our closure is easy to understand and use – just rotate the tab and then open like normal. Rotating the tab back to its starting position reseals the can.


The lever, shown here in green, is tamper evident and is delivered in the closed position.


Rotating the lever in either direction releases pressure from the can.


Once the lever is rotated 180 degrees, the flap, shown here in blue, is ready to be opened.


Rotating the lever back to the closed position returns the flap and creates an airtight seal.

worldwide production with classic opening


worldwide share after PET and Glass bottles


The standard aluminum can is advantageous as a beverage container in every aspect except for one: resealability.

Others have brought resealable solutions to the market, but they always ask for compromises from their consumers, the beverage brands and even the fillers. Our solution has considered all the stakeholders in the development of its ingenious mechanism and finally brings a no-compromise solution to the market.


If the consumers isn’t happy, nobody is happy. We support the use of aluminum cans and offer the best resealable closure to create more usage occasions and to allow consumers to portion larger servings.


Many brands are moving to aluminum cans for their many benefits. Resealability adds a level of innovation, offers for more usage occasions, and allows consumers to portion larger sizes.


Fillers love aluminum cans for their high throughput and major logistical advantages.

Management Team

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