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24 Jun 2013
June 24, 2013

New generation of beverage cans

Esko, the global market leader in software for developing and producing new packaging designs, is convinced by the can2close solution: “They could very likely be the one to create a new generation of beverage cans!” The beverage can is a form of packaging which has remained virtually unchanged for decades if you look in terms.. read more →

According to the american Food&Beverage Packaging Magazine’s coverstory, the can2close solution is one of the beverage packaging breakthroughs of the year! Go to article read more →

10 Apr 2013
April 10, 2013

The Canmaker – No end of openings

“The Canmaker” Magazine Vol. 26 – April 2013 Packaging designers have for many years wrestled with the chellenge of developing an end that enables a beverage can to be resealed. The range of designs seen by The Canmaker is legion, but only one has passed the commercial winning post: Ball Packaging Europe´s BRE (Ball Resealable.. read more →