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The can2close solution

can2close (c2c) presents an improved opening mechanism for standard beverage cans that is easier to open, offers a better drinking experience and is resealable.

can2close Cans open_locked

Standard beverage can with c2c-lid

The can2close solution replaces the standard stay-on-tab (SOT) opening and offers a number of advantages:

  • Ability to portion beverage
  • Longer lasting freshness
  • More aroma and flavor (due to the large opening)
  • Portability after opening
  • Fingernail-friendly, one-handed opening
  • Reduced risk of contaminants (e.g., insects, cigarettes and predatory drugs)

Standard beverage cans are made of an aluminum body, an elastomeric seal, a lid and the SOT lever. Once the lid is torn open, it is not possible to reseal the can again.

The can2close lid fits with standard can bodies and can enhance a variety of standard lid sizes with a new mechanism. It consists of a tamper-evident lever that opens the can when turned 180 degrees in either direction. Turning the lever back to its original position returns the mechanism to its airtight, sealed state. With this mechanism, it is possible to open and reseal the beverage can as many times as desired.

We offer beverage brands a new innovation and a great branding possibility, as the shape and color of the can2close flap and tab are customizeable.

The can2close solution is made exclusively for beverage cans, which will not only continue to protect their content better than plastic or glass, but will also remain the lightest, most efficient, and most highly-recycled option, worldwide.

In 2012, the can2close solution won Silver for its prototype in the “Cans of the Year Award”, hosted by “The Canmaker Magazine”. Read more