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How it works

How it works

Our closure is easy to understand and use – just rotate the tab and then open like normal. Rotating the tab back to its starting postion reseals the can.

can2close lid locked position

1. Locked position

The lever, shown here in green, is tamper evident and is delivered in the closed position.

can2close lid venting position

2. Venting position

Rotating the lever in either direction releases pressure from the can.

can2close lid open/drink position

3. Drinking position

Once the lever is rotated 180 degrees, the flap, shown here in blue, is ready to be opened.

can2close lid locked position

4. Resealed position

Rotating the lever back to the closed position returns the flap and creates an airtight seal.


can2close - locked/resealed & open

can2close – locked/resealed & open